PeriOptix® TTL Optics

Lightest-weight premium through-the-lens loupes.

Through-the-lens loupes are custom manufactured for each individual user. TTL loupes have extremely precise optical quality and a large field of view making them comfortable, easy to use, and care free. TTL loupes are also much lighter and sleeker than their flip-up counterparts.

2.3x MicroLine TTL Loupes

One of the lightest loupes on the market. The great field of view and depth make this loupe comfortable for first-time loupe users and is perfect for hygienists and assistants.

Weight: 35 grams
Field of View: 3.5 inches
Depth of Field: 4.5 inches

PeriOptix 2.3x MicroLine optics are less than 1/3 the size of conventional optics

2.7x MicroLine TTL Loupes

The perfect balance between magnification and depth of field. This loupe is ideal for any general dental practitioner.

Weight: 43 grams
Field of View: 3.5 inches
Depth of Field: 4.0 inches

PeriOptix 2.7x TTL optics are much lighter than conventional optics

3.1x TTL Loupes

A great loupe for experienced loupe users. The higher magnification is beneficial for anyone looking to add a second pair of loupes.

Weight: 47 grams
Field of View: 2.5 inches
Depth of Field: 3 inches

PeriOptix 3.1x optics offer the greatest level of magnification

4.0x TTL Prismatic Loupes

The newly reimagined Prismatic 4.0x loupe is extremely lightweight compared to its counterparts on the market. This high magnification allows the user to see a large image without compromising image clarity.

Weight: 61 grams
Field of View:  6.4 inches
Depth of Field: 6.4 inches

*All measurements are taken on the PeriVista Sport Frame at a long working distance.

Frame Options: PeriVista Sport, Greg Norman Sports Titanium, Classic Titanium