PeriOptix® Headlight Systems

See what you’ve been missing.

PeriOptix improves visual acuity through powerful headlights that remove shadows in the oral cavity, eliminating the need for constant adjustment of overhead lighting.

All PeriOptix lights seamlessly upgrade your current loupes by providing uniform and natural-color output necessary to ensure the best outcome with your patients.

Without PeriOptix light

With PeriOptix light


Cordless. Powerful. Elegant.

Easily upgrade your favorite pair of loupes to incorporate a Firefly cordless headlight, and enjoy the freedom to move through any procedure with confidence and without interruptions.

• Eliminates heavy power packs and annoying cords
• Easy to clean, reducing the risk of cross-contamination
• Provides a well-defined and uniform spot with natural color output

Light Intensity: 2 settings — high 32,000 lux and low 20,000 lux
Weight: 28 grams
Field Illumination: 70 mm
Estimated Battery Life: 150 minutes on low, 90 minutes on high
Estimated Charging Time: Charges both pods in under 2 hours
Loupe Options: All PeriOptix loupes, headbands and the majority of loupes in the market
Colors: Available in black, red and blue

MicroLine™ Mini

Our Lightest LED Headlight

The MicroLine Mini LED is significantly smaller and lighter than most other LED headlights. With a diameter about the size of a dime and weighing less than 9 grams, the MicroLine Mini delivers an amazing output of uniform light across the entire oral cavity.

Light Intensity: Fully adjustable up to 40,000 lux
Weight: 9 grams
Field Illumination: 75 mm
Estimated Battery Life: 8 hours
Estimated Charging Time: 3 hours
Loupe Options: All PeriOptix loupes, headbands and the majority of loupes in the market


Brightest Lightweight LED Headlight

The Solaris LED Headlight has been around for years and is still one of the brightest LED lights on the market, making it ideal for anyone needing a little extra illumination. The Solaris has been independently top rated by both REALITY and CR.

Light Intensity: Fully adjustable up to 80,000 lux
Weight: 14 grams
Field Illumination: 80 mm
Estimated Battery Life: 5 hours
Estimated Charging Time: 3 hours
Loupe Options: All PeriOptix loupes, headbands and the majority of loupes in the market

Read what your peers are saying about PeriOptix!

“ I wanted my patients to still see me and not a pair of goggles and binoculars on my face. With the MicroLine I was able to achieve a clean, simple and stylish pair of loupes that don’t throw off my appearance. I love the way they look!”
— Stacey C. Layman, DDS, D-ABDSM

“ PeriOptix have greatly enhanced the way I practice dentistry. No more irritating, twisting cords or heavy, cumbersome glasses and head lights. Illuminated magnification made comfortable. Thank you PeriOptix.”
— Peter Vanstrom, DDS

“ Loupes have transformed my hygiene practice. My ability to identify concerns in my patients’ mouths is greatly enhanced because I am able to see far better than at any previous point in my 24-year practicing life. The strain on my body is also greatly reduced — a daily and a life-long benefit to my health. I believe loupes should be standard equipment for every hygienist and taught in every hygiene program.”
— Sara Paone, RDH

“ Ordering custom loupes from PeriOptix was simple and the customer service support has been equally amazing. My new loupes and light are so comfortable and light, allowing me to see what I need without excess strain, which means better care for my patients. Thank you PeriOptix!”
— Amy Ericks, RDH

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance (PD) is the measurement, in millimeters, between the centers of the pupils in each eye. This measurement can be done quickly by your local PeriOptix representative or by any optometrist. Note: If measured by an optometrist make sure the measurement is taken at infinity (∞).

Working Distance

Working Distance is the measurement at which the user is comfortable working. This distance should be calculated while the user is in an upright, and comfortable position that keeps the clinician’s ergonomics in check.