Precision optics with Optilock technology.

Flip-up style loupes allow the flexibility to flip the loupes out of the field of view and share with others in their practice. All PeriOptix Flip-Up loupes feature our patented Optilock and dual-point convergence technology that allows the loupes to be easily adjusted and removes the annoyance of the loupes becoming misaligned.


Extremely Lightweight & Exceptional Clarity

Microline Flip-Up loupes are some of the lightest and most streamlined flip-ups on the market. These loupes offer the user a comfortable and less bulky option to traditional flip-up loupes without sacrificing image size or quality.

2.3x Microline Loupes

Weight: 47 grams
Field of View: 3.0 inches
Depth of Field: 4.0 inches


2.7x Microline Loupes

Weight: 54 grams
Field of View: 2.5 inches
Depth of Field: 3.0 inches

*All measurements are taken on the Mirage Frame at a long working distance.

Frame Options: PeriVista Sport, Rimz