Replacement Shield for Hogies™ [set of 2]
Original replacement lenses for Hogies.

Hogies™ Prescription Insert
Magnetic prescription insert for Hogies frames. Accepts up to +/- 2 diopter lenses.

Mirage™ Rx Prescription Insert
Prescription insert for Mirage™ frames.

Adivista Rx Insert
Prescription insert for Adivista frames.

Rimz™ Frames for Loupes
Replacement frame for Rimz™ Loupes.

Mirage™ Frames for Loupes
Replacement frame for Mirage™ Loupes.

Light/Loupe Case
Fits loupe and light (attached), power pack, extra battery and filter.

Loupe Case
Fits all Perioptix flip-up and TTL loupes.