Exceptional Solutions in Magnification and Portable Illumination

Our mission at PeriOptix™ is to enhance the performance of care given by healthcare professionals through high quality, innovative and differentiated products. Our strategy is to focus on our core competencies in optics and illumination and to introduce only products with distinctive features and improvements over existing products on the market.

In the few years since its founding, Perioptix has introduced a number of innovations that include a unique modular frame system for loupes, the first portable LED light source, and a proprietary locking mechanism designed to simplify the adjustment of flip up style loupes.

See the PeriOptix difference.

All PeriOptix optics are made with high-end, shatter-resistant glass to ensure optimum edge-to-edge clarity in a large viewing field. Our variety of magnification options and large selection of loupe styles ensure that most any need is met with an elegant and customizable solution.


Through-the-lens (TTL)

Through-the-lens loupes are custom manufactured for each individual user. TTL loupes have extremely precise optical quality and a large field of view making them comfortable, easy to use, and care free. TTL loupes are also much….


Flip-up style loupes allow the flexibility to flip the loupes out of the field of view and share with others in their practice. All PeriOptix Flip-Up loupes feature our patented Optilock and dual-point convergence technology that allows the ….


Panoramic Flip-Up loupes provide a wide field of view not found in most other optics. The low-profile design gives you improved over-the-lens visibility and our waterproof lenses give you worry-free cleaning and disinfecting options….


PeriVista Sport

The PeriVista sport frame is custom-manufactured by Adidas for use with PeriOptix loupes. This is our most ….

Classic Titanium

The classic titanium frame by PeriOptix offers a timeless look with a modern twist. This frame is sturdy, lightweight…..


PeriOptix offers the authentic Hogies brand, the most advanced magnification loupe frame system available….


The Mirage/Rimz frames are comfortable and inexpensive sports frames that are ideal for first time loupe users…..



Easily upgrade your favorite pair of loupes to incorporate a Firefly cordless headlight, and enjoy the freedom….

MicroLine™ Mini

The MicroLine Mini LED is significantly smaller and lighter than most other LED headlights. With a diameter…..


The Solaris LED Headlight has been around for years and is still one of the brightest LED lights on the market….